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Book Review: Work It Out Without a Workout, by Vesna P Jacob

About the author:
Vesna P. Jacob, the spirit behind Vesna’s Wellness Clinic is a Bosnian who made New Delhi her home some eight years back. She has established herself as a premier Pilates, fitness, and wellness expert with a long list of the glitterati of Delhi’s political, social, and corporate spheres.

As a fitness expert, she has made an appearance on many TV channels like CNN IBN, NDTV, Headlines Today, Times Now, VOI, and Sahara TV. She is also a prolific writer. Her articles have been published in Hindustan Times, Sananda, Men’s Health, and Prevention. Work it Out Without a Workout is her debut book.

My thoughts on the book:
I’m not a fitness freak. On the contrary, I’m usually one to not fuss about health or going to gym. Other than a morning and/or evening walk, my exercise regimen is strictly almost non-existent. That’s mostly down to my time management (and to an extent, I’m also lazy to work out I guess).

This book is the first time I’ve picked up a health and fitness book. That also was down to the title I guess. The “no-workout” part kinda enticed the anti-gym me. The cover is quite a different one, and one that puts across the intent of the book very well. The back blurb emphasizes that point too, and I think that’s something that captured my attention and made me want to read on.

“I don’t get time to exercise” – like I said before, that’s one of my mantras. It’s actually true that my schedule is compressed these days, but that’s one thing that the blurb emphatically labels as an excuse and a myth (it’s the first line on that blurb). If that wasn’t enough, the lines “I want to follow a fitness regime but don’t feel motivated enough” and “I wish I could get fitter and slimmer” which are also on that blurb felt obviously familiar. If the book could help put these lines out of my life, I suppose that’s a positive.

The book tells how to MAP our workout. That’s not capitalized just for emphasis, it’s like an acronym. It works too. The M is for motivation, and she does that through her narration, because she has once had trouble with fitness too, and been in a more precarious position than most of us who are struggling probably would have been in. She tells her story, and shows us how she got past the myth of those questions and moved toward a healthy life.

What I felt I could take out from the book:
What made me comfortable with the read was her way of writing. It’s not preachy. You’re not being compelled into anything. In fact, the tone is quite motivating, inspiring. The exercises she suggests seem simple enough to do. I tried the Morning Workout part of the regimen she suggests and though I couldn’t finish everything, it was atleast better than doing nothing (which is, as I said, my usual condition). I think incorporating that part into our life would be easily possible. And even the “At Home” part too. The exercises are illustrated, so it helps to know the way to do.

What I felt might have made it better:
There are interesting exercises for office also, but I think unless it’s a private office that we have, doing that would be a little difficult. Some step-wise instruction could’ve made it better. Some things have to be done a specific way to maximize its effect, right?

Closing thoughts:
Overall, I think this is a book that will not gather dust anytime soon. A fitness book that makes me feel like it is possible to get fit without strain and with simple changes to our daily routine. I like it.

A rating of 8/10
A rating of 8/10

Book details:
Title: Work It Out Without a Workout
Author: Vesna P. Jacob
Genre: Fitness / Health /Non-fiction
ISBN: 9788184000993
Publishers: Random House India
Price: INR. 299


This book was given to me for review by Random House India. This is not a paid review.
The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced.

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(March 19th, 2013)


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