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Book Review: Words to Inspire the Winner in YOU, by Roopleen

About the author:
Dr. Roopleen is an eye surgeon, motivational counselor and speaker. She is the author of Principles of Success Made Easy – 14 Easy Steps to Climb the Ladder of Success. She is a hardcore optimist and a firm believer of the power of positive thinking. Her vision is to inspire people to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams and live a meaningful life.

My thoughts on the book:
I’m sure most of us would agree on one thing: “Life is not easy.” It hardly ever is, and it is my belief that if it was meant to be easy, then it wouldn’t be right. In our journey, we have dreams and we chase them with all our heart. The dream becomes our goal to conquer and we work towards it. On the journey however, we always find something in the way, that’s designed to test our strength, sometimes mental strength and sometimes physical. A bout of feeling the blues and wondering if we are on the right track, or a verbal battle with a loved one that drains us mentally… we can’t know what life would throw at us. But that thing would drain us of our belief, and cast self-doubt.

We cannot sidestep those obstacles, or change the misery that life casts on us. What we do need in such a time is a little something to bring our belief back. Words of support or motivation to get us back on track. This book is a collection of such original quotes from the author that’s designed to lift our spirits and inspire us.

The quotes are classified into categories and some of them are quite memorable. A few of them are:

  1. Do not fear to dream big, for in big dreams are the seeds of great achievements.
  2. Do not wish for overnight success, wish for success that lasts.
  3. Starters for success: vision, mission, determination.
  4. Visualize your life through your eyes, not as others see you.

What I liked:
The book has some excellent quotes and yes, it would inspire in a turbulent time. I liked some of them and earmarked the pages. The effort to get original quotes out into the world of books is also laudable.

What I didn’t like:
I also feel that there are some quotes that are designed to motivate, but when seen in particular circumstances, can even bring down the person. That doesn’t make it a bad quote, just that something more is needed in it to perhaps inspire more. And just reading a quote doesn’t actually make the situation all better immediately. To motivate, that connection should be there to the reader. Get that positive frame of mind back by telling it with the circumstance. Another thing I feel is that this is a Google era. When you can get inspirational and motivational quotes from websites, and that being said by some famous people too, you won’t see people flocking to buy the copy for INR200. I urge the publisher to consider the price as well.

Closing thoughts:
A book of original quotes with some inspiring words to ease the mind in times of blues. It’s not exactly a one-time read or something that is to be read end-to-end either, just a read at a time when we need it.

Rated 5/10
Rated 5/10

Book details:
Title: Words to Inspire the Winner in YOU
Author: Dr. Roopleen
ISBN: 9789381206096
Genre: Non-fiction/Motivational
Publishers: Power Publishers
Price: INR. 200


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(March 22nd, 2013)


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