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Book Review: Romi and Gang, by Tushar Raheja

About the author:
Tushar is an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi who found his calling in storytelling. His association with IIT provided him with a cultural background to deploy his story telling skills. He enjoys telling stories through music as well.

Impressions from the cover:
Simple design, with a group of four students running toward a rick, possibly waiting to take them to home (or school). Suits the genre actually, and very attractive colors!

Impressions from the blurb:
A story from childhood, when we had these gangs of friends who we always hung out with, played with etc. and we had dreams to become the next Tendulkar, or Cantona or Sampras etc. It might also be a bit of a growing-up novel as well.

My review:
Sometimes you need to travel back in time. You need to go to that stage of life when we had nothing to fear, no responsibilities and the world was ours to be ourselves. Yeah, childhood was all that. Sometimes we travel back through our old photo albums. Sometimes through the stories we tell children. And sometimes, like today, it happens through reading a story.

Romi and Gang is a story right out of childhood. It revolves around a gang of four students, all passionate about cricket, and who enjoy to the maximum. It has all the innocence of childhood as well, with the four liking to play pranks, run races and believe in ghosts etc. They are like brothers by sport. The language, simple and easy to understand, is just right for the context and suited for children as well. Though the book does not delve into details of life’s mysteries, it does enough to convey a lot, like the guidance of teachers and parents in that phase of life. The story is just fun to read, and the illustrations inside are nice as well. A child could enjoy coloring in to make the inside as vibrant as the cover page.

I think the character of Kim threw the flow off track a little. It got an expectation that something big will come from that character, and that didn’t materialize. Similarly with the tension between Romi and Nikita. I did find a couple of grammatical and typo mistakes, but it didn’t distract me from the story. To point out a couple of things to the publisher, two pages weren’t printed completely. The last word of each line in those pages were a little cut. The second thing is that nothing about the author is mentioned. Praise for his first novel and this novel is there, but a paragraph about the author is needed.

An enjoyable tale, filled with the innocence of childhood, and something even an adult would enjoy reading.

A rating of 8/10
A rating of 8/10

Book details:
Title: Romi and Gang
Author: Tushar Raheja
Genre: Illustrated / Children’s Fiction
ISBN: 978-81-926810-0-9
Publishers: Pirates
Price: INR. 149


This book was given to me for review by Pirates Creative House. This is not a paid review.
The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced.

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(June 27th, 2013)


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