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Book Review: Here Sat a Key Maker, by Dr. Makarand Lohire

About the author:
Dr. Makarand Lohire is currently undergoing his rural stint, working toward bringing affordable healthcare and fulfilling his dream of making a difference to the lives of people. He writes what he observes during his travels to Mumbai, the villages and back.

Thoughts from cover and blurb:
I actually don’t get a relation between the tale told by the blurb, and the cover. Though the cover alone speaks of maybe luck and murder, the blurb speaks of a romantic version with many characters intertwined. It’s an interesting cover design, but not one that I understand very well.

My thoughts on the book:
I think what attracted to me in this book was the plot. It was different. It had three different scenarios, all of which ended with a plan to get out of the scenario. The book was about the three plots coming together, all the lives coming together. It made me interested to know how these three different subplots would intertwine in the novel.

The story begins with the author, a doctor meeting Javed, a key maker, and realizing that he was the same keymaker who was very poor not-so-long ago. On inquiring, Javed tells his story to the author, who in turn tells the same story to us. The story is about Javed, an honest hardworking key maker, has a crush on a rich girl who he sees every day at a traffic signal. When he and his dog are beaten up by a bespectacled guy, four guys come to his rescue, and later that very night, one of the four kill the bespectacled guy. After which the four start taking the help of Javed to get duplicate keys to rich houses done, and realize their dream of getting rich. On a visit to a rich man’s house, Javed sees his traffic signal girl there, and thus his life and the rich guy’s (Sashank) life intertwine. The story is a mixed narration of the lives of Javed and Sashank.

Okay. Let’s get the good stuff first. The characters are quite wonderful. Javed, Sashank and Preity all come across to the reader as they are meant to. Their emotions come across well. They are sketched for who they are, and even have depth. The intertwining of the plot is good. And it tells a lot of things about trust, taking advantage of things, thoughts under pressure etc. There is a good bit of philosophy thrown in subtly. The twists in the plot were admirably delivered, and the connection between Sashank and Javed, as seen in the end, that was unexpectedly delightful.

Coming to what I feel didn’t work, one was the flashback. It didn’t work because firstly, if Javed recollected the story to the doctor, then Sashank’s point of view would never come into the picture. Javed wouldn’t know about Sashank’s college life, or his daily activity. The second reason, assuming that somehow Javed got to know of it, would be because the story doesn’t end with a flashback. Though the character of Toya comes across as wittily delivered, when his slip of tongue dialogues are delivered without a translation, the reader is confused as to what he is saying. The same goes for the Marathi dialogues, which the author or anyone who knows Marathi might understand, but one not knowing Marathi wouldn’t. Editing needs a lot of work, as there are typo errors here and there and dialogue presentation too.

The story, overlooking these things, flows very nicely and is pretty engaging. It is a light read, and can be completed in a few hours. Looking at plotting alone, I would definitely look forward to reading more of his work.

Rated a 6/10
Rated a 6/10

Book details:
Title: Here Sat A Key Maker
Author: Dr. Makarand Lohire
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-80349-86-2
Publishers: Srishti Publishers
Price: INR. 100


This is an author-requested review, given for a review copy of the book, but no other payment.
The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced.

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