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Book Review: Mishti, by Yamini Prashanth

About the author:
Yamini Prashanth is an author from India, and she is twelve years old. She’s an avid reader and as far as writing goes, she loves to write simple, day-to-day stories. This book, a children’s novella, is her debut.

Cover and blurb:
Vibrant and simple, with illustrations of what the book will hold for us, the cover is the first thing that drew me into the book.

My thoughts on the book:
Do you remember the time you first started to love reading novels? It might have been in school days, a visit to the library when you would eagerly pick up a novel and enjoy the story, sometimes so thoroughly engrossed in it that your mom might have had to pull you by your ears to dinner. It might have been much later, when a friend gave one to you as a gift and you just had to go through it. Every one of us has our own story as to when we came to love reading books, but I’m sure, for most of us, it’d have been school days. Over the years, our reading preferences might have changed. From being hooked to Enid Blyton, we’d have now become addicted to Dan Brown novels, or maybe even non-fiction. But there is still, at least for me, a different kind of eagerness to pick up a children’s fiction again, and sift through the simple, innocent, no pretense stories.

One such book that has come my way is a debut juvenile fiction from a young authoress. It was with absolute joy that I accepted a request for review from the twelve year old writer and I am glad. The flashback story of a tomboyish girl Mishti, her school days, her neighborhood, the simple joys and sorrows of childhood, an obstinacy that I can relate to at that age, a story that flowed from chapter to chapter without having to depend too much on plots and sub plots and deep characters, whatever I tend to expect from those writers whose language has evolved (for the lack of a better word)… that story was quite fun to read. If the story was fun, the illustrations (also made by the talented twelve year old authoress) made it even more so. I’ve gone past the days when I used to use multiple pencils and shade in outlines, but I can imagine my little neighbors would love to color the many illustrations that fill this short sixty page book. I have no doubts that as her command over the language becomes better, she can write much better stories as well.

As a reader, I’d like to offer just one suggestion to her at present. I’d have loved to read more of Mishti’s life. Her life from the tenth birthday to the fourteenth has been completely lost. And then again, after farewell, it skips ahead to years after. Maybe a little more of each year would have made it excellent. Perhaps in the proofreading, a few places the punctuation has been missed. It didn’t affect the reading as such, but you might want to look into that.

I thank you for sharing a copy of your debut with me, Yamini, and I pray you bring out many more books, and I have the pleasure of reading them. My best wishes!

A rating of 8/10
A rating of 8/10

Book Details:
Title: Mishti
Author: Yamini Prashanth
ISBN: 9788178063430
Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Children’s Fiction
Publishers: Unicorn Books
Price: INR. 60

This is an author-requested review, given for a review copy of the book, but no other payment.
The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced.

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(1st Nov, 2013)


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