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Book Review: Marry Go Round, by Sadiqa Peerbhoy

About the author:
Sadiqa Peerbhoy is an Indian author. She has been an advertising professional for all her working life. She has been a columnist for many of India’s reputed newspapers, and her humor column in Deccan Herald is quite popular. She has written over hundred short stories which have been published in various newspapers as well. This is her maiden venture into a full-length novel.

Cover and blurb:
Quite a hilarious title, a pun on the popular amusement park attraction, and a simple cover that matches the title as well. I gather the impending drama from the blurb, and it has prospects for being a good novel for sure.

My thoughts on the book:
Sadiqa Peerbhoy’s debut novel shares with us the story of Sartaj, a mother who wants her son to marry a desi girl. The son Riaz is in America (Amreeka, as pronounced by Sartaj), and he’s having a live-in relationship with an American girl, Sarah. Sartaj shakes off questions on that relationship, quite confident that her son will agree to marry whoever she chooses. The girl she has in mind for Riaz herself is having an affair with a married man. All the situations kind of snowball and the resulting plot is this hilarious novel.

The book doesn’t really have anything new. I guess you could call this book, The Great Indian Wedding Tamasha. I feel so because it reminds me of some movies at times. It is not out and out humor, but you get this big smile on your face throughout the read, and the characters make you laugh in their actions, which are so common when you think of it. At the very least, you’ll find that the emotional blackmail part which, as you would expect, Sartaj uses on Riaz is something you’d have seen before. The character of Sartaj is main, the others are around her world. All characters are well thought of though. The innocent dialogues between Sartaj and Saeeda at the end, the thoughts of Dilawar and the reactions of Riaz on his homecoming were all fun to read. The twist in the tale was kind of unnecessary, but still a nice stroke. I guess this book is well written for the most part, and you go with the flow easily. The part that could have absolutely been avoided was the ending couple of pages. Though even there, you end up feeling, “Was it all in the stars?”

An enjoyable read, absolutely.

Rated a 7 on 10!
Rated a 7 on 10!

Book Details:
Title: Marry Go Round
Author: Sadiqa Peerbhoy
ISBN: 9789382473268
Genre: Fiction/Humor
Publishers: Jufic Books / Leadstart Corp
Price: INR. 145

This book was given to me for review by Leadstart Publishing. This is not a paid review.
The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced.

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