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Book Review: Never Say Never, by Anjali Kirpalani

With 2014 around the corner, quite a few of us I’m sure are thinking about resolutions for the New Year. Not that we live up to every resolution we take, but it feels like tradition now doesn’t it? Now that I think of it, maybe another part of tradition is to break resolutions. More often than not, that works out in our favor, doesn’t it?

So do we really need New Year to make and break resolutions? Nope. This fiction and its main character Nikita is an example for that. Nikita makes a list of things that she will never do, and she makes them on the night of her cousin’s wedding. She’s hopelessly in love with a guy who’s her best friend’s boyfriend. She doesn’t like her own boyfriend but stays in that relationship. She’s unemployed and her relatives start to throw hints about her marital status (single, just to be clear). So she doesn’t have much going her way when she makes the list in her head.

She decides that she will never marry for money. She decides to do just that, but pulls herself back in time to keep that resolution. But her other resolutions… never to doubt her abilities, have feelings for an unavailable man, stay in a relationship with a man she doesn’t love, never to get drunk in public and never to wear velvet… all those resolutions go for a toss. How? You can read the book and find that out.

Never Say Never is Anjali Kirpalani’s debut novel. It’s a fast read, and can be finished in a few hours. It’s not very mushy, and even at places where it feels like it may be turning that way, the scene is delivered with a little humor and it helps to get through that. Though there’s an absence of too much mush, there is enough drama and emotions to keep interest in the story. There’s nothing very new about the plot and you can see certain things coming, but that being said, there is a little unpredictability too, so keeps things in balance perhaps. I liked the narration. It was crisp where it needed to be, and delivered with love and wit at the places that needed that. It didn’t have much issue in editing at all, nothing that stood out at least.

I’ve never been a big fan of pink, so the cover was one thing I didn’t like. That’s just a personal perspective of course; it doesn’t bring the book down in any way. Story-wise, I feel the change in point of view suddenly to other characters makes the story a tad confusing at that point, because the majority of the book is in first person view of Nikita. Anjali has titled the chapters appropriately to help clear the confusion, but when reading in flow and pace, the title isn’t really something I look at (and I feel most readers also read similarly). It’s especially confusing when it changes from Nikita’s POV to Shweta’s POV because that’s the first time Shweta’s character actually comes into the picture.

Overall, an engaging story that brings a smile as it is read. Not an excellent debut, but a good one nevertheless.

Positives: Quick read with crisp narration, not overly mushy, few editing errors (if any).
Negatives: Cover page color, change in POV becomes a little confusing.

Rated a 7 on 10!
Rated a 7 on 10!

Book Details:
Title: Never Say Never
Author: Anjali Kirpalani
ISBN: 9789381841327
Genre: Romance Fiction
Publishers: Grapevine India
Price: INR. 100

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