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Book Review: Delhi Mostly Harmless, by Elizabeth Chatterjee

“Delhi Mostly Harmless” – I think the first thing that sprang to mind when I read the title in the review request was – “Really?” As someone who has not been to Delhi in over a decade, the title felt odd to me, given that the news coming out from Delhi wasn’t that harmless those days, some of which, well, was covered the world-over, let alone the country! I guess that’s what made me take the book without thinking. Oh, and the cover played a big part in the choice too. Mostly, I thought it might be fiction, and I didn’t realize it was a non-fiction till after I got the book. I may not have paid attention to the nuances after the title and cover made me choose it. It happens! Continue reading “Book Review: Delhi Mostly Harmless, by Elizabeth Chatterjee”