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Book Review: The Edge of Power, by Tuhin A. Sinha

The world had its eyes on India in December 2012. Why? Because of the horrific events of one night which shocked the nation, and the severity of it, the agitation it caused throughout the nation was of such magnitude that the world had no option but to turn its eyes on Delhi. I remember having a discussion with some friends after a few days, and we discussed the probability that a book will come out sooner or later related to this. It was a discussion brought about by a book that was a first person narration of events of yet another tragedy that struck India, the 27/11 attacks. Thankfully, this book that starts off from the events of December 2012 takes the story to a fictional India, but one related in its entirety to the current political scenario. Continue reading “Book Review: The Edge of Power, by Tuhin A. Sinha”