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Book Review: Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister by Tabrik C

With politics taking centre stage of late due to the elections, life in general seems to be affected. Traffic jams seem to arise when a campaign rally takes place, the radio is filled with corny jingles that I get tired of hearing, even in between cricket, a welcome break from this monotony with the world cup going on, there are ads asking for votes for one party or another. What I expected was a break at least in the world of books, but I guess, with the mood as such, it was the perfect time to launch a thriller based on politics.

The good thing about a book like Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister at this time is that it makes us realize that leadership doesn’t necessarily stem from a background in politics. It can be from different backgrounds too. It sets the tone, because the book, other than being a thriller, also gives the background of how the main character Siddhartha Tagore became the new PM of the nation.

The author, I feel, has a natural flair for narration. The story flows quite well once you get into the book a little, in and out of the events, the twists and turns that are present in the novel. I wouldn’t call it an out-and-out thriller, but you do feel the urge to turn the page and see what happens next. The characters are done justice, the dialogues well written, and that too helps in the book becoming a page-turner. The wafting of music in the story also provides a refreshing change, the music being the safety net of a man who is new to doing what he is doing.

What could have been better was the initial part, and its slowness. A strong start may have got this book much more interesting. I wouldn’t say this is a book anyone can read. I think those with little interest in politics may find it a tad cumbersome, or boring, even though it is a thriller.

The book has the makings of a fine novel, one that will keep its readers interested with politics, thrill, love and a whole lot of elements blending together. Did it keep my interest? Yes, for the most part. I liked it. I even liked the toned down cover design, which doesn’t exactly give out anything about what lies ahead for the reader.

In A Gist:
Positives: Interesting cover, narration and character elements.
Negatives: Slow start, not a book for those not interested much in politics

About the author:
TabrikC is an Author & Political enthusiast. He is also a perfumer and internet entrepreneur. He has a post-graduate degree in History from St. Stephens College Delhi, where he was the president of the student’s union. His special interest lies in observing, analyzing, predicting and debating the rise and fall of political personalities and their influence on the destiny of nations and individuals.

Rated a 7 on 10!
Rated a 7 on 10!

Book Details:
Title: Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister
Series: N/a
Author: Tabrik C
Genre: Political Thriller
ISBN/ASIN: 9789350096703
Publisher: Hachette India
Price: INR. 350

This book was given to me for review by Hachette India. This is not a paid review.
The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced.

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