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Book Review: Time’s Lost Atlas (Anthology), compiled by Harsh Agarwal

An anthology is different in each author has a different style, a different story to tell us. Time’s Lost Atlas has eleven stories set in various countries and encompassing different major events of the last decade. Try as I did, I couldn’t guess some of the events. Am not very worldly I suppose!

Anyways… quick thoughts on each of the stories…

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Book Review: Private India, by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi

If you put two brilliant authors together, does the book become doubly brilliant? I hadn’t read my co-authored books before, and when a chance came to read such a book, I jumped at it. Private India is written by Ashwin Sanghi (author of The Rozabal Line) and James Patterson (of Alex Cross series fame). Two good authors, writing a book in the genre I love the most, crime thriller fiction. Continue reading “Book Review: Private India, by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi”

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Book Review: The Smoke is Rising, by Mahesh Rao

There are some novels that stand out based on just the power of narration. Through that narration, the author manages to paint a picture, take us into the novel and make that picture come alive. It’s as if we are walking down the roads the characters walk and seeing what they see. Lavanya Sankaran’s The Hope Factory was one such novel I remember. I’ve come across very few such evocative novels from Indian authors, and it was a pleasure to read this one, The Smoke is Rising, from Mahesh Rao. Continue reading “Book Review: The Smoke is Rising, by Mahesh Rao”

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Book Review: Anti-social Network, by Piyush Jha

Crime fiction is something that very much interests me when it comes to reading. I grew up reading them. Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes, they were my favorites to read, still are. Over the years, I’ve come to feel that there are certain important parts to any good crime fiction. I look for them in every crime fiction novel. So did Anti-social Network by Piyush Jha meet the mark? Continue reading “Book Review: Anti-social Network, by Piyush Jha”