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Book Review: Fraudster, by RV Raman

Banking and crime fiction seem to be quite a combination. Ravi Subramanian has made a niche for himself in that combination genre, and I like the stories he manages to create. Another author who has tried his hand at the genre is RV Raman, and his effort came to me for review.

Fraudster starts off with the murder of a young banker a day after she tries to oust a financial fraud. The investigation is turned on its head when a well respected corporate guy, who seems affected by the young banker’s death, also dies. Did he commit suicide by falling from the balcony of his apartment? Soon after his death, the servers of the multinational firm for which he works are hacked. And another death follows. And these events are related. But who’s to gain by these events? The book takes us into that world of corporate greed where the secrets are worth killing for.

What works for this book is that it has oodles of pace and flows very well. It might be steeped in the banking world but the jargon of that world, which might be difficult for a reader to follow, when used, it has been simplified. The author leaves enough clues to take the reader on a guessing game as to the end result, and it works. The end is not predictable at all. Each character feels different, feels a part of that world, and as likely to be the perpetrator as the next. And to top it off, the narration is such that it engages the reader from start to finish, making it the page turner that it is. The clues for the guessing game sometime make the read feel a bit confusing, but it doesn’t affect the story much I feel.

A story that mystery lovers will cherish, I feel. Ravi Subramanian might have competition soon, if not already.

A rating of 8/10
A rating of 8/10

Book Details:
Title: Fraudster
Series: N/a
Author: RV Raman
Genre: Banking/Crime Thriller
ISBN/ASIN: 9789350098004
Publisher: Hachette India
Price: INR 250

Reviewed for Hachette India for a copy of the book, but the views are my own, and unbiased.

(23rd November 2014)



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