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Book Review: The Fifth Man, by Bani Basu, translated by Arunava Sinha

I think the most interesting aspect of humanity is relationships. Friends, siblings, lovers… whatever it may be. Some books bring that aspect of life to life and explore it very well. One such book is The Fifth Man by Bani Basu. It revolves around Ari, who is Neelam’s husband. Neelam’s hysterectomy changes their relationship between her and Ari. Fate conspires to bring the duo, their college professor Mahanam and Ari’s ex-girlfriend Esha together, testing their relationship even further. Continue reading “Book Review: The Fifth Man, by Bani Basu, translated by Arunava Sinha”

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Book Review: Green Poems, by Gulzar

“On the branches of these wild plants
Some words occasionally sprout
But never a full poem . . .”

It’s not that hard to imagine a poem sprouting on the branch of a plant actually. Nature has been, is and will continue to be inspiration for poetry; the connection that a poet feels with it is at times indescribable. I’ve been a fan of the brilliant Gulzar and his poetry for quite a while now, and the way he looks at things is quite different, quite profound. With this collection, Green Poems, he puts that different viewpoint of his on nature. His original verse in Hindi is accompanied by Pavan K Varma’s translations. Continue reading “Book Review: Green Poems, by Gulzar”