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Book Review: Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom

It is said that no one wants to die, but everyone wants to go to heaven. The idea of heaven is different to every person. Some believe in it. Some don’t. But those who do, I feel, have at one point of time, thought of what it might be like, what would happen when we get there. It’s the title of this book, and the intrigue that it brought that made me pick it up.

Five People You Meet in Heaven… I think the first question that came into my mind was, “Why only five?” But then, I think that if you were to meet every soul in heaven, that’d be silly. Maybe they are the five who have made a mark on our life before departing for heaven. It’s interesting to see how just a title brings out so many thoughts.

Mitch Albom’s book is the story of Eddie. Eddie is a retired war veteran who fixes rides at an amusement park. It has been the job he has had for a long time and, to him at least, it is part of an uninteresting life that he has lived. He is loved by the children who come to the fair, and respected by his co-workers. He dies trying to save a little girl, and his story moves to the afterlife, where he meets five people. They aren’t people who have made a mark on his life, but people who his life has made a mark on.

Each person has a message for Eddie, a lesson that he needs to know. And these lessons are, I feel, beautiful. That life is interconnected – we make an unknown mark on any life that we touch, even unknowingly. That sacrifices are a part of life – it’s not something to be angry about. That forgiveness is a part of life too – holding on to the pain is not worth it. That love does not die with death. And that we are we are meant to be at any point of time, and we shouldn’t regret that. But the novel is not a boring book of lessons. Nor does it preach to us that this is what life should be. No. It’s the intent of Albom to convey these lessons through Eddie’s story. And he does that with introducing Eddie’s character, taking us back in time to his many birthdays and some fun times that he had, memories of moments that mattered and people that mattered to him. All of that, Albom does in simple, yet interesting language.

I do not know whether this book is something everyone would like, but it’s one that I will re-read, umpteen times. This inspiring book, I hope, marks the beginning of an inspiring year.

The Bookworm Rates This: 5/5
The Bookworm Rates This: 5/5
Book Details
Title: The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Author(s): Mitch Albom Genre: Fiction
ISBN/ASIN: 9780751536140 Publisher: Sphere Publishers
No. of Pages: 210 Price: Rs. 299

I own a copy of this book. The views expressed here are my own, frank and uninfluenced.

(1st January 2015)



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  1. I have been wanting to read this one since long but already have 4 books unread with me. I will look for this one the next time for sure, I think I will like it.

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