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Book Review: Deception Point, by Dan Brown

I tend to stick to an author if I am wowed by their work. When the author writes in a way that appeals to me, and in my favorite genre too, then it’s a bonus. I was eager to try Dan Brown’s books again, after reading Digital Fortress last year. The next book on the cards was another of his standalone books, Deception Point.

Deception Point follows Rachel Sexton, analyst for the National Reconnaissance Office when she’s directed by the President of the United States to verify a find that NASA has found in the Arctic Ice. The discovery is at an important time, with the Presidential elections on the card, and Rachel’s father, Senator Sexton running for office. The discovery, if true, would be a victory not only for NASA but for the President too, aiding in his campaign. But, alas, things never go to plan. What Rachel does uncover is evidence contrary to what is expected. And the truth, as easy as it was to find, will be difficult to reveal, for those who planted that evidence will go to any lengths to protect it.

I honestly liked the plot of the story. What lacked was the pace, at least at the start of the novel. Maybe it was because of how Digital Fortress turned out, but I expected a nice speedy beginning. That didn’t happen, and for a while, I was flummoxed by the research overload. The politics in a political campaign was well portrayed. I liked the character sketch of Rachel Sexton and Michael Tolland. The chemistry between them was nicely done. But it reminded me too much of the characters from Digital Fortress and the similarity; and that further reflected in the way the book ended as well. Looking at it further, more similarities between the two are there. That’s what bothered me about the book.

I wouldn’t say the book is a one-time read. But if you read it immediately after reading Digital Fortress, I feel the book will feel odd.

The Bookworm Rates This: 3/5
The Bookworm Rates This: 3/5
Book Details
Title: Deception Point
Author(s): Dan Brown Genre: Fiction
ISBN/ASIN: 9780552161244 Publisher: Corgi Books
No. of Pages: 585 Price: Rs. 399

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