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Book Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, by Newt Scamander (JK Rowling)

A book in a book, or in a favorite series is always fun to see. Like Richard Castle’s books Heat Wave, Naked Heat etc. But that’s nothing when you think of the text books in my all time favorite series, Harry Potter. The History of Magic, The Standard Book of Spells, Goshawk’s Guide to Herbology etc. are books that stay in the mind of any Harry Potter fan long after the series has ended. To see three of the books being made into a set Hogwarts Library was nice. It stands proudly in my collection.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a book that looks at the magical creatures in the world of magic that the Harry Potter series creates. I cast my mind through the Defence Against the Dark Arts or Care of Magical Creatures classes and remember the creatures like Cornish Pixies, Kappas, Hinkypunks and Werewolves from the former and Hippogriffs and Flobberworms from the latter. Not to forget the detention in the Dark Forest where they meet Centaurs and Unicorns. I’ve always wanted to know more about them and this book does it.

Is it every bit as magical as the Harry Potter series? Yes. Absolutely, it is. But it’s a text book for reference, and it doesn’t look at language to help me visualize the creatures. It’s informative, not imaginative (even though it is fantastical). But I don’t mind that. The way it’s presented is absolutely fun. Notes written on the side by those who read it; the first page proclaiming the book belongs to Harry Potter etc. make it feel like the book was actually owned by a student. I liked reading about the creatures, especially different breeds of dragons and Billywigs and Imps. There are some, like the last two I mentioned, that don’t form part of the series, making it more interesting reading too.

They say this set is a collector’s item. I agree. I’m glad to have collected it and read it, and I’m sure it’ll help bring a smile when I re-read it. This book is, and pun intended, FANTASTIC.

The Bookworm Rates This: 5/5
The Bookworm Rates This: 5/5
Book Details
Title: Fantastic Beasts
and Where to Find Them
Series: Hogwarts Library #1
JK Rowling as Newt Scamander
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN/ASIN: 9781408835050 Publisher: Bloomsbury
No. of Pages: 88 Price: N/a

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