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Book Review: The Visitor, by Lee Child

When an author’s work becomes so interesting that you end up becoming a lifelong fan of the author, it tells the quality the author has. I’m a fan of two or three such authors, one of whom is Lee Child. I own all nineteen of the Jack Reacher collection and very few books of the army man has disappointed. The Visitor is the fourth book in the series.

Amy Callan and Carolyn Cooke have a lot in common. They both were in the army, the former a sergeant and the latter a lieutenant, before they were forced to resign from service. And now they’re both dead. The FBI investigates, and is quick to find another common link between the two of them, a connection with Jack Reacher. The profile of the killer that they have matches that of Reacher, a loner and an army man. But when another girl is murdered, and they are sure it couldn’t have been Reacher, they take his help to bring the criminal down. Can they do it before more girls fall victim?

What I like in Lee Child books is that it has pace; and lots of it. This one is no different. Right from the time he’s cleared of the crime and begins to investigate, Jack Reacher and his ideas stumble and fall, but his confidence doesn’t seem to get a hit. He’s the reckless army man I’ve read in most books of his and the guy who makes women fall in love with him. He’s almost at the neck of the criminal always, but it’s not easy. The method of the criminal is different and I liked the thought given by Lee Child for the method, though I wondered if it was possible. When the criminal is caught and both the method and the criminal revealed, I was surprised, for it was a twist I had not expected at all.

From start to finish, this book kept me engaged. And I’m happy that it did. Yes, some characteristics of the Reacher’s character and the characters around him tend to become predictable, but I don’t mind that, when the plot and narration is just that good.

The Bookworm Rates This: 5/5
The Bookworm Rates This: 5/5
Book Details
Title: The Visitor Series: Jack Reacher #4
Author(s): Lee Child Genre: Thriller
ISBN/ASIN: 9780857500076 Publisher: Bantam Books
No. of Pages: 512 Price: INR. 399

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