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Book Review: XO, by Jeffery Deaver

Jeffery Deaver is an author who’s quite well known in book circles, but this was the first time I was reading one of his works. The book, a crime fiction, one of my favorite genres, introduced the investigator Kathryn Dance. I’ve only read a few crime fictions with a female protagonist, so it felt promising, even as I read the back blurb.

XO is the tale of Kayleigh Towne, a singer, who finds that she is being stalked by Edwin Sharp, a fan who becomes obsessed after a short interaction with her over mail. Sharp persists in his endeavors even after Kayleigh’s lawyers warn him not to. When accidents and deaths begin to happen around Kayleigh at a concert, the first suspect, and one who shows up on his own in the vicinity, is Sharp. But is he really that obsessed to take things to that personal a level? Continue reading “Book Review: XO, by Jeffery Deaver”