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Book Review: Death on the Nile, by Agatha Christie

If any author deserves the title Queen of Crime, I’d say it’s Agatha Christie. I’ve grown up reading her books, and some of them, even years after the first read, still hold that interest, to travel the well worn paths knowing where it’s headed yet curious jut the same. This book though was one that I had not read before. In retrospect, looking at a list of her novels, the ones I have read are far less in comparison to what I am yet to read. Thankfully, they are on my shelf. Continue reading “Book Review: Death on the Nile, by Agatha Christie”

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Book Review: Mithra, by Sahana L.

“How can you love a person to an extent where you no longer differentiate between yourself and the one you love?”

When the blurb of a book asks a question that I had, at one time in my past, asked to myself, the book already has an appeal to it. Reading on, the plot was also intriguing. Continue reading “Book Review: Mithra, by Sahana L.”