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Book Review: The Time Machine, by H G Wells

How often have I wished there was a time machine, to either go back to the past and change some things, even though it would change the present and the future, or to travel into the future and see the world that lies ahead for me. The notion of time travel has always been intriguing, to say the least, pushed on by science fictions and also, to an extent, cartoons. This book is, perhaps, one of, if not the most popular of science fiction novels that explore that notion of time travel. To dive into this book was to travel with the Time Traveler far into the future, 800000 years on, to see how the world has changed and if it is for the better.

The first impressions of the new world as told by the Time Traveler is one that makes me feel the distant future doesn’t hold as much promise, the life forms in that era seeming to be less than us in more ways than one. The Eloi, the first of two tribes (for lack of a better word) seem to be the more peaceful, even if less wise. Looking at them, I wonder if the pursuit of happiness and peace comes at the price of wisdom, or if the author is implying as such. The Mormons, more aggressive and cannibalistic of the two tribes, seem more interesting to me, with the author comparing them to the rich people, or so I felt. The narration of the Time Traveler of this future world to his peers, his audience, and to us, the readers, it is gripping. His ideas of how time travel is accomplished, the science behind the feat itself, it felt a little uninteresting to me. I was like Filby, not wanting to hear or believe the concepts.

The narrator of the novel is, toward the end, convinced of the Time Traveler’s ability to travel the fourth plane of time. But the story misses, for me, a travel into the past. One might never know what the future holds, and to each of us, the idea may be different, but the past is, after all, somewhat more known. I was left wishing that this novel had a part in the past. Sci-fi is not my favorite of genres, but this book had its merits. I might definitely read it again, but after a while. An intriguing classic, one that any fan of e-books can savor for free.

The Bookworm Rates This: 4/5
The Bookworm Rates This: 4/5
Book Details
Title: The Time Machine
Author(s): H G Wells Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN/ASIN: B0084BKY2Q Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
No. of Pages: 103 Price: N/a

I own a copy of the e-book. The views expressed here are my own, frank and uninfluenced.

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