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Book Review: Michael’s Mystery by Linze Brandon

Fantasy is a genre that I love to read. It is joy when the story, and even more importantly, the narration, takes me to a world that is quite surreal, and far away from reality. I must confess though, that before reading the blurb, I thought it would be a crime fiction genre. It was a bit of both in the end.

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Book Review: Shanti and the Magic Mandala, by FT Camargo

When a book, with its blurb, promises both fantasy and adventure, it already intrigues me. Though I felt the cover could have been much better, it was the blurb which drew me into the novel, and that’s wonderful.

Six teenagers from different parts of the world come together, well, in order to save the world. Why these six? Well, they’re connected by their past lives and the events that transpired then. The six have come together to stop the Black Magician, but other than their unity, they are also helped by their differences. History is on the verge of repeating itself. But will the good that happened repeat itself too? Continue reading “Book Review: Shanti and the Magic Mandala, by FT Camargo”

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Book Review: Dandelion Seeds, by Arvinder Kaur

Poetry is something I love to read, as well as to write. To express my thoughts, observations and life in rhyme is challenging as well as fun. Looking back in time, I started my poetry journey with free verse, but I’ve tried my hand at many a poetry form after that… acrostics, cinquains, fibonaccis, sonnets, kyrielles. There are a lot of forms to experiment with. Continue reading “Book Review: Dandelion Seeds, by Arvinder Kaur”

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Book Review: Khel, The Writings, by Vishal Goswami

Each genre has its own particular characteristics, I feel. A fantasy works best when magic is at the forefront and a mystery when it makes the reader interested to solve the crime along with the tale. The genre of horror works best when the words make the reader imagine the scene, rather than saying it directly. It is this that I look for when I take a horror genre book to read.

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(Book Review) Friendship: Bonds Beyond Time, edited by Saravana Kumar Murugan

Anthologies are particularly difficult to rate or review, because each story will have its own positives and negatives. There might be few which appeal to me as a reader, and some which feel out of place. When the topic that binds the stories together is one as beautiful as friendship, I feel I can’t help but have raised expectations from it.

Friendship: Bonds Beyond time is an anthology of twenty five short stories from authors residing in various parts of the country. I’ve read each story at a stretch, and then noted down what works, and what doesn’t, and rated them individually.

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