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Book Review: When Our Worlds Collide, by Aniesha Brahma

“When Our Worlds Collide”… the title, plus the cover design would usually lead me to think that this is one of those romance novels that go the expected route. But the book, without a doubt, surprised me. “We will assure you by the end of this very different tale that it’s not always about the happy ending.” That was what the preface said, but the happily ever after does happen for the characters, just not in the way I expected after reading the title or looking at the cover.

Akriti’s life is not all roses. In fact, with the first glance into her life, I felt it might be only thorns. That first glance brought us into a scene where her parents are fighting. The girl she considers her best friend in school betrays her in a way she doesn’t expect, and the impending divorce pushes her more into the sheltered life. A short stint at a different school brought her a good friend, Nimmi, and an even shorter run-in with Zayn. We are introduced to Zayn earlier. His life, unlike Akriti’s, feels more nomadic. Years later, when Nimmi and Akriti meet again, Zayn is Nimmi’s boyfriend. And Akriti has a crush on him. Can a friendship between the two of them develop? Or will the heart win again?

What I expected was a romance novel, but this book was more of a YA fiction. The book is about friendship… between Nimmi and Akriti, between Akriti and Ayoub, between Esha, Gia and Ayoub… so many hues of friendship spread across it, and I liked that a lot. It’s about relationships, and the effect it has on life. It shows how the fight between parents affected little Akriti, and her relationship with her parents after that. It shows the extramarital relationship that her father had, and how love plays a part in relationships. It shows that our true strength may not be what is obvious to us, but something hidden. How Akriti bounces back to save the café she loves the most, that was one of my favorite parts. “It feels real, true to life, albeit a bit sadly at times. And the vent for those true to life feelings is one that I have always believed in.” – That’s what I’d told her when I read two chapters of the advance reader’s copy. And I don’t think I was that far off after the read as well. I was delighted to see how poetry was used to express their heart, and also in the poetry meets organized by Suzanna. There are small subplots that add to the overall story as well. My only complaint in the plotline was that a chapter or half a chapter could have been used to write about Akriti’s first poetry recital. I felt that that would have added more excitement to the story.

There are a lot of characters in this book, but that does not confuse me much. I feel the two main characters, Akriti and Zayn, have been done justice. Akriti has a balance to her character. She’s an introvert, possibly affected by the quarrels she witnesses in her childhood, but when it matters, she has the willpower to pursue what she wants as well. She has a crush on her friend’s boyfriend, but she is also confused what to do about it. I liked the attitude Zayn has when it comes to life, and how he pushes Akriti out of her shell. His character felt the perfect contrast to hers. Perhaps my favorite character of the book is Ayoub, who’s the friend Akriti turns to the most, and who is there for her when needed. His interactions with Akriti is wonderful to read, and also, the times when Gia and Esha are at the cafe.

The book is presented in a simple language, and it engaged me from start to end. It was a pleasure to help Aniesha when it came to the final editing, so I will not comment on that part, because I might be biased. The book is a quick read, and it’ll be a good companion for a journey of three hours or so. Wishing her the very best with the novel.

The Bookworm Rates This: 4/5
The Bookworm Rates This: 4/5
Book Details
Title: When Our Worlds Collide
Author: Aniesha Brahma Genre: Young Adult
ISBN/ASIN: B017EL0B2E Publisher: General Press

The author gave me a copy of the book for review. No other payment was taken. The views expressed here are my own, frank and uninfluenced.

(© 1st November 2015)



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