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Book Review: You are the Best Wife, by Ajay K Pandey

It’s quite a challenge to review or discuss non-fiction, at least for me. In a way, I suppose, I’d rather go away from reality in a fiction rather than experience another’s reality through words. Reading realistic fiction is tricky then, because on one hand it reads like a fiction, but on another it is the reality of someone after all.

There are many love stories when it comes to Indian Writing in English. I’ve read quite a few. This book is a love story, but it is the true story of the author Ajay. It’s the story where he recollects his college life, how he met, fell in love with and married Bhavna, and the story of their life together.

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Book Review: Shimmering Chimes, by Maaya Dev

Reviewing a collection of poems is not an easy task. Many poets request not to edit poetry because what they write comes from their heart, and the language of the heart doesn’t usually have grammar or even rhythm, it just comes. And, more than any other genre, the poem is completed only by how the reader understands it. Be it beauty or depth, the interpretation of poetry is, in the end, different to each person who reads it. Maaya Dev’s collection of sixty poems is no exception to that, for some poems even read differently when I read them again. To choose a few favorites from that many poems is not that easy for me. But I shall try.

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Book Review: The Nidhi Kapoor Story, by Saurabh Garg

Crime fiction is a genre that I love reading. I’ve told it before too. It is exciting to play detective and try to solve the crime as the plot progresses. The Nidhi Kapoor Story was one such fiction, but I’ll begin with an apology to the author for a much delayed review.

Someone murders the pets at the Kapoor’s mansion – Ronak. And ACP Prakash Mohile is sent to see the legitimacy of the case – if it is a prank, or a serious threat. While they are still unsure of that, the set where actress Nidhi Kapoor is filming goes up in flames. Both Nidhi and her sister Payal just escape death. Are the two events related? Who has, and what is the motive to do that?

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