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Book Review: Principally Yours, by Bubloo Sen

Teaching is perhaps the noblest profession. Without teachers, other professions wouldn’t be. My aunt is a teacher, and I know how much she loves her job. It really makes a difference, and I see that. I’ve wanted to read a book by a teacher, so I didn’t think too much when this book, written by a Principal, came to me for review.

“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give the belief that you can’t have it.”

Robert Anthony’s words talk of aspiration and belief that even the strongest of “No”s cannot stop our quest for something, and I find it very apt that the woman whose story is “Principally Yours” also believed in that. In an era where women were content to be a wife and a mother without looking to be a working woman, she aspired to be both. And she succeeded. She had to convince her husband, who would only accept the teaching profession. Others doubted her genuineness, but that didn’t faze her either. She understood what she wanted and that helped her to understand her students. And when that happened, she could get through to them and make a difference in their lives.

The book though speaks not just of teaching, but of learning. I’ve heard some of my teachers say it before too, that a good teacher learns from her students as well, as well as from experiences. I liked reading what she learned and the first thing what she shares with us. It is something we tend to forget these days – compassion. We forget to be kind, and that virtue is something a teacher has a lot, and she is the first person who shows it to us. I liked the songs she composed based on old film songs that encourage children to come to school. It felt nice. It felt right.

What the author shares with us through her book is what she experienced in her career that spanned thirty five years, till she retired in 2006. But what she has shared remains important even today – things like the importance of kindness, gender equality, the importance of secularism etc. It is inspiring.

The way the author has shared her experiences, it feels more like a story and not a non-fiction, and that helped in no small amount to make the read interesting for me (since I’m not a connoisseur of non-fiction). One very important character of a teacher I believe is punctuality, so I’m ending the review by apologizing to the author and the book tour which so kindly provided me a copy of this book for taking so long to write this.

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Not Rating This Book
Book Details
Title: Principally Yours
Author: Bubloo Sen Genre: Memoirs
ISBN/ASIN: 9789384439644 Publisher: Authors Upfront

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