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Book Review: Ghachar Ghochar, by Vivek Shanbhag

I am not sure how to word this review. It’s as simple as that. The power of imagination makes us infinite, said John Muir. But sometimes, it isn’t the infinite that manages to keep a reader captivated, but the finite. It’s the finite boundaries of a story woven to keep us there, in that small world, follow the characters, enter their lives with the narration and become part of it, that charms us. Such stories are rare. You only imagine the next step, and not the possibilities that wait for us when the novel draws to its close. This is one such novel.

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Book Review: Super Women, by Prachi Garg

‘Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision merely passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.’ – Joel Barker

To have a vision, I suppose, one must dream. Then action can be envisioned to step towards making the dream a reality. There are many stories around us about such dreams that have become true. There are some realities we see doing well, but don’t know the story behind it, the dream that got it started, and the thoughts behind it. Through this book, Prachi Garg brings stories of twenty women and their stories, their ventures to the fore.

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Book Review: A Dog Eat Dog-Food World, by C Suresh

There’s something about the genre of humor that usually stumps me. Not sure why, but it does. However, when someone I admire for his writing in that genre comes out with a book, I have to read it. Thankfully, the eBook was part of Kindle Unlimited which I subscribe to, so I borrowed a copy there than wait for a paperback.

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Book Review: A to Z of Blogging, by Chicky Kadambari

Blogging is something I began as a pastime, then it became something I used to free my mind of some despair, then I became fond of writing, so I used it to develop my writing, and now it is a part of me that is very important. Each blogger would have their own reasons for starting their space. I was brought to the journey of blogging by a friend who has since left his own. There are some who want to make a blog but get stuck with questions or doubts. This eBook solves some of those doubts.

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Book Review: Hey Dad! Meet My Mom… , by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal

It’s not often that the title of a book hints at romance yet also says that there might be something more. The first impression from the title was not very promising, because these quirky titles are so common when it comes to love or romance in Indian Writing in English, and that made me think twice about giving the book a go. However, a couple of friends who had read it earlier told me to try it, and that it was different from what the genre usually brings.

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