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Book Review: Hey Dad! Meet My Mom… , by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal

It’s not often that the title of a book hints at romance yet also says that there might be something more. The first impression from the title was not very promising, because these quirky titles are so common when it comes to love or romance in Indian Writing in English, and that made me think twice about giving the book a go. However, a couple of friends who had read it earlier told me to try it, and that it was different from what the genre usually brings.

The first time Puneet, a bank officer, sees Myra, a customer, he falls in love. But he is sort of an introvert and doesn’t know how to express it, even when he meets her outside the bank too. Enter Rishi, a boy, who wants to help him. Rishi claims to be Puneet’s son, surprising Puneet who is unmarried. Puneet is the only one who can see Rishi, so the former’s behaviour in the presence of the latter is strange to others around him. On another side, Puneet is also haunted by nightmares involving another woman. Are there secrets that invoke these nightmares?

Okay. The story idea behind this novel, in essence a love story, is different, and one that appealed to me. There aren’t a lot of twists and turns, but those that are there work and add to the story while keeping me, the reader, interested. The character or Rishi was what made the novel, but Puneet’s character, from whose point of view we read the story, Myra, Roshni… they are woven in well. I liked Myra’s character a lot too. The way she is supportive when Puneet needs that support most, that was done well. The feelings when Puneet first falls in love with Myra and the way their relationship develops, that was sweet.

I wondered about the character of Rishi being so helpful in some aspects, something which a boy wouldn’t be aware of. At the end, I sought an explanation and found one partially. Perhaps Roshni had played a part. But it still left me doubting that part of Rishi’s character. A sex scene wasn’t absolutely necessary for the novel to work, but when there is one, I wanted it to be written better. Puneet’s nervousness can’t be a reason for usage like ‘the slightly hairy organ between the legs’, which quite honestly kills the mood. And there were some unnecessary characters and sub-plots that could have been avoided or dealt with another way to make the read crisper. The narration is engaging, yes, but the overall language and editing could have been better to help the transitions between the nightmares and what was happening in reality, to make characters seem different from each other etc.

I don’t quite know if the book wows me after it is completed. It has aspects to it that make it stand out from the love story crowd but it still could use a bit of work. It started out well, and stayed that way almost till the end, till the revelation of the reason for the nightmares. The authors seem to have a penchant for plots that are different, so I feel their next book might be even better. This book is a light, engaging one time read that I’d say goes well for a journey of 3 to 4 hours. I’m rating it 2.5 stars.

A score of 5 out of 10
A score of 5 out of 10
Book Details
Title: Hey Dad! Meet My Mom…
Author(s): Sandeep Sharma & Leepi Agrawal Genre: Love Story / Fiction
ISBN/ASIN: 9788192960982 Publisher: Gargi Publishers

The author sent me a copy of the book. No other payment was taken for this review. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

(© 22nd March 2016)



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