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Book Review: When the Boss is Wrong, by Sibichen K. Mathew

Once past the college life, we’re said to be entering the ‘real world’. In a way, that is true. Even in college, we’d have retained some semblance of childhood, when in reality we’re well on our way to that ‘real world’. For anyone in the corporate/professional world, the first order of business would be getting a boss, I suppose. That’s a change we’re to embrace. Up until then, we did not have anyone telling us what to do (parents don’t count) and we were headed somewhere, not led somewhere. Through the corporate/professional life, the bosses keep changing. As the author himself says in the early parts of this book, there’s even a chance that we imbibe some of his/her qualities. For one who keeps shifting between different companies, there’d be an idea of what the boss is like. Through this book, Sibichen introduces the reader to many kinds of bosses.

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