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Book Review: You’ve Got The Wrong Girl, by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

An author makes an impression with their first book, or the first book a reader reads from them. And it creates an expectation from the second book that is read from that author. I read Sita’s Curse, Sreemoyee’s earlier novel, and was quite impressed with that one. It is for that reason that I chose to take this book for reading.

The book follows the journey of Dushyant, who is an author. He’s the bestselling author of the book Kinda Clichéd, which is based on his real life, and a one night stand with the girl of his dreams. When the time comes to write the sequel to the book, he has to seek out that girl again, knowing nothing about her, not even her name. And so begins that search.

I actually don’t know what to make of the book, or its main character, Dushyant. He seems the kind of character that one could like, and yet, there’s something about him that seems indecisive too. Maybe the word I’m looking for is ‘cute’. That being said, the best thing about the character of Dushyant is that he feels realistic. He talks to himself, voices the dialogue of his characters, feels relaxed away from the spotlight… something I can relate to as a writer. He sets out to find the girl for the sequel, but there is a love story there waiting too. I liked the people around him too. I think one of the things I remembered after the story was the words of his mother that the real love stories, the ones that go on, are never forgotten. Each character has their own quirks, their own wisdom. Even Dushyant’s confusion is quite well brought out, I feel. Other than Dushyant, the character of Bhaskar was quite interesting too.

There is an ease to the narration style that Sreemoyee has. The pages keep turning, though at times it feels the pace is slow. There is humor, and it comes suddenly at times and makes me smile or laugh out loud. The cover art is beautiful too, and catches the eye of the reader, and along with the blurb, make it tempting for a reader to pick it up. The editing is tight, but there were a couple of places that stood out where it was missed. It’s not an unpredictable ending, though it frustrates at times the way the ending is delayed. But still, I quite enjoyed the read.

A score of 7 out of 10
A score of 7 out of 10
Book Details
Title: You’ve Got The Wrong Girl
Author: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu Genre: Romance
ISBN/ASIN: 9789350095805 Publisher: Hachette India

The review is for Hachette India, which provided a copy of the book for me to read as part of their book tour. No other payment was taken. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

(© 30th April 2016)



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