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Book Review: Pyre, by Perumal Murugan

Love is something that is beautiful, and something that doesn’t get impeded by any boundaries. Yet society has its own rules of caste, creed, religion that it imposes on love without any consideration. Any breaking of these rules is considered a crime, and unacceptable. Not very often do I think twice before taking a novel to read, but with this one, I had to. Not just because the blurb indicated such a story of love against society imposed traditional boundaries, but because of the title of the story which was very ominous as to where the story was headed.

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Book Review: Ragnarok, by Siddhesh Govind Kabe

Science fiction is not one of my favorite genres to read. I’ve tried, but it hasn’t quite gelled with me for some reason. Maybe it’s the concept of science and theories and such to add on to the fiction that feels that way, after all, I mostly read to get away from theory. However, some fictions in the genre do feel interesting, and manage to engage me as a reader. I took up the book mainly because it was a personal request from the author, but the novel surprisingly did have elements that felt interesting, given I’m a sci-fi non-reader.

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Book Review: Beneath the Fall, by Aaron Safronoff

Fantasy fiction is a genre I am quite fond of. The ability for a magical narration to take me, the reader into a magical world full of magical creatures is… magical! It really helps the notion that a reason why I read books is to escape from the world of reality. With any book, the reasons to pick it are initially limited to the cover art and the blurb. When both are interesting, it makes it easier to pick it for reading. This book fell into such a category.

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Book Review: Jamba – The Joint Family, by Sriram Balasubramanian

To portray a family in a fiction is always interesting. It brings more nuances for the author to write on, as well as for the reader to enjoy. The relationships between the characters aside, it also brings the different aspects to each character’s character sketch. Families these days are becoming more nuclear. A marriage function is done with a lot of care and attention to detail. It’s an occasion of much joy, and the event where units of the family return to the home to make the occasion more memorable. This novel talks about a joint family that comes together on the occasion of a marriage, but what follows is much more than the excitement of just the marriage.

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