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Book Review: It’s All In The Planets, by Preeti Shenoy

There are a few books that can be finished very quickly. Light reads that just flows easily and brings a smile. I’ve found Preeti Shenoy’s writing to be such. It’s one of the reasons her fans like her writing too, I feel. I liked the book because of the cover art too. It looked appealing.

Is destiny all that it’s thought to be? For the protagonists in this story, it seems so. Aniket and Nidhi meet on a train, a chance meeting that gets another journey going. Friendship can become more than that, and these two are destined to be together. It’s all in the planets. This journey is the focus of this book, and along with Nidhi and Aniket, we are introduced to a cast of supporting characters as well. Subbu, Aniket’s best friend, whose passion is coding; Trish, Aniket’s girlfriend, who needs some time to think about their relationship; Manoj, who is Nidhi’s fiancé, yet she doesn’t feel a connect with him; and Tara, Nidhi’s stepmother, more like a very good friend to her.

The story flows well, and it’s written in a very simple style. It’s a quick read and can be finished in one sitting, maybe around 3 to 4 hours. I like the relationship between Nidhi and her dad and stepmother. Tara’s character is a welcome addition to the supporting cast. And I also liked Nidhi’s career path too.

Such a piece isn’t meant to be unpredictable, with twists and turns aplenty. On this occasion, I found the story to be too predictable. I knew how it would end just by reading the blurb. Having read most of her works, I feel the similarity in the storylines. The character of Manoj felt very one-tone. He’s a villain character that can be hated, but nothing else. There is a small twist in the middle of the story though, but even that doesn’t invoke a lot of emotion. I didn’t feel the love scenes in the book were necessary either, and that it was there just to add some more pages.

It doesn’t feel like her best work, nor is it very different from her earlier works, but it’s a decent love story though. It might feel like a better story if read without expectations, I think.

A score of 5 out of 10
Book Details
Title: It’s All In The Planets
Author(s): Preeti Shenoy Genre: Fiction
ISBN/ASIN: 9789386036452 Publisher: Westland

No payment was taken for this review. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

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1st November 2016)



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