Book Review: Cabbing All The Way, by Jatin Kuberkar

An office brings people of similar background together, yet each person is different in their own way. Casual acquaintances at office, that’s manageable, but can a group work when each of their personal lives is affected by the other?

When twelve colleagues come together to share transport to the office campus, each of their lives intersect. They become closer to each, even best friends. But their lives are diverse. Soon, egos clash, some of them prioritize their own needs over the rest. Other cracks begin to appear in the relationships and leads to all hell breaking loose. What happens?

What works for this book is the pace. The story flows very quickly and can be finished in a few hours. It is engaging to a certain extent, yes. The author makes the cab journey of the twelve colleagues very humorous, even with the pinch of drama that’s sprinkled throughout. I also liked the diverse characters, like the character who speaks English incorrectly, or the lady who is quite traditional. How the author describes them is nice too.

The book doesn’t have much of a story per se. It describes the initiation of the cabbing adventure, and how it progresses over time. The problems that arise are solved very quickly, very easily. The daily routine kind of becomes predictable after a while, and doesn’t engage me. Also, it doesn’t manage to evoke emotions much.

I like the cover art, and I feel it is a good read for a short journey. A one-time read for me.

A score of 6 out of 10
Book Details
Title: Cabbing All The Way
Author(s): Jatin Kuberkar Genre: Fiction
ISBN/ASIN: B01EN6LV8Q Publisher: Readomania

No payment was taken for this review. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

(© Vinay Leo R. @ A Bookworm’s Musing
26th December 2016)



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