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Book Review: This Time It’s Forever, by Aditi Bose

The first impression that any book makes matters a lot. That’s done by the cover art and the blurb. This is true for every genre, but I feel it is truer when the genre is romance. This is the genre that is prominent in Indian Writing in English, so how the book stands out from the crowd (er… shelf) is quite important.

Aisha is the senior manager at a recruitment firm. She’s strict about her work, but not serious in character. She falls in love with a client, Arunavo. The novel looks at their story after that, how Aisha talks about Arunavo and how their relationship moves through the bumps that love seems to bring with it. It leads to the eventual breakup, and the message that brings Aisha into these flashbacks. The book promises a journey through friendship and love, tears and acceptance. And it delivers.

I’m not a big fan of mushy, sickly sweet romances. I wondered if this novel was headed in that direction too. How Aisha talks about Arunavo gives that impression. But the post the breakup, the novel does feel more real and believable. Though the novel builds up slowly, the ending is quite pacy. And yes, the ending does make me contemplate about the meaning of “forever”. The character sketches of the main protagonists are done well, but I liked the secondary characters too, like Aisha’s colleagues. There is humor in places as well.

Did I get from start to finish in one sitting? No. It wasn’t that engaging, and I did shift reads once. But it does have promise. The story, though fictional, felt real, especially with the way she narrates the hurt that comes with love. The concept of ‘forever’ is something that differs to each person perhaps. I liked the blurb, which indicated flashbacks. And I felt the cover art matched that “lost in memories” theme. I’d say it’s slightly better than the author’s previous work, so it makes me anticipate what the author has in store next for her readers.

A Score Of 7 Out Of 10
Book Details
Title: This Time It’s Forever
Author(s): Aditi Bose Genre: Romance
ISBN/ASIN: 9789385137570 Publisher: Authors’ Ink

No payment was taken for this review. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

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31st January 2017)



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