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Book Review: Shadows of the Past, by Jeena R Papaadi

Short stories offer a welcome change from novels at times. To express a lot in a short limit of words is challenging, and some stories do leave the reader lost for words. I found this book while searching through Kindle Unlimited offerings, and both the title and the cover caught my attention.

This collection, “Shadows of the Past”, has some really well written stories. The description said something about the stories taking the reader on the thin line between the strange and the eerie. I think that that definitely is true. At the end of some, if not all, of the tales, I was left wondering if I read it right, if what I read could be interpreted in another way, or was it really a coincidence that the ending went as I thought it might.

“Awaiting August” is the first story in the collection, and one of my favorites. In a way, it inspires the reader to live life to the fullest, or portrays how focused on living one becomes while close to death. Yet the best aspect of the story is the ending which leaves me wondering the same questions it asks of the reader. Another favorite is “Coming of the Monsoons”. I love this story for the narration more than the ending (because I could guess it). I could relate to some parts of it too, which brought a smile. Some of the other stories in the collection leave me wondering about the supernatural; like “Rosa” or “The Taste of Rain”. Others like “Onions” are relatable to true life, and feel like it could happen to me too.

The stories were engaging, and the narration, simple. The eagerness to know what the twist might be keeps the pages turning. The collection is a small one, with just eleven stories and less than a hundred pages, so it can be finished in one sitting. I enjoyed reading this, and hope more such collections come in the future from the author.

A Score Of 8 Out Of 10
Book Details
Title: Shadows of the Past
Author(s): Jeena Papaadi Genre: Short Stories
ISBN/ASIN: B01L2JURE6 Publisher: N/a

No payment was taken for this review. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

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23rd February 2017)



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