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Book Review: India, by Debra Schoenberger

India is a land where you’ll be surprised by the different angles you see to the country. This is truer when you’re a visitor, I feel, because being from the country, one might get used to it sooner or later. It’s interesting to travel the country through a book of photographs; kind of like a tourist, yet feeling at home. Debra Schoenberger’s book India offered me a chance to do just that.

Debra, a street photographer, through this book shares the photographs she took during her travels through Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, Ranathambore Tiger Reserve, Varanasi, Jojawar, Khajuraho, Jaipur and Udaipur. In the introduction to the book, Debra observes that India is a land of contrasts, where exquisite structure and tangled mess shares a street at times, and where cows and pigs share the street with shops of vibrant, sparkling sarees.

Other than the introduction, there’s no text. Debra chooses to let her photos speak to the reader what the reader wants to hear. Her photography isn’t restricted to any one aspect of the country. From the sunrise over a river to a crow in the rain, from common old buildings with the paint fading, to the landmarks so well maintained, from animals in the wild to those on the street, the collection covers different viewpoints. She chooses to click the people in their surroundings, at times known to them and at times candid.

Debra’s travels are through a part of the country I’ve visited maybe once, many years back. For that reason, traveling through her photographs was quite an experience. I liked it. I liked the spectrum she covered as well. What I would have loved to see in the book were some captions to some of the photographs. It’s one thing to let the picture speak its thousand words, but if the reader had an idea of what they were admiring, it would be even better. Even as an Indian, I’d have been happy to know some of the names of the forts or temple ruins.

It was lovely to travel a part of my country through the photographs in this book, and imagine them as the photographer would have when she clicked it. Wishing her next trip to India covers the Southern region of the country. It might be a more interesting experience for me to be a tourist through even more familiar parts. Best wishes to Debra for her future photography collections.

A Score Of 8 Out Of 10
Book Details
Title: India
Author(s): Debra Schoenberger Genre: Photography
ISBN/ASIN: 9781366531575 Publisher: N/a

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10th March 2017)



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