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Book Review: And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie

If I’ve to break a reading block, or want to shift to my favorite genre to read, one of my automatic choices would be Agatha Christie. She’s one of my favorite authors. This book is said to be one of her best, so I picked it up happily.

The Ten Little Soldiers is an American children’s rhyme around which this novel And Then There Were None is based. Ten people, strangers to each other, are brought to an island for different reasons. Some are brought there as employees to the host Mr. Owen, others as guests for a party. The island is cut off from the mainland once the boat leaves, and thus begins one of the most brilliant murder mysteries I’ve ever read. One by one, a hidden hand seems to slay the guests, who do have something in common. Can any of the ten survive?

What I love about this book is that the author has written it in such a way that there is no clue as to who the murderer is. As one of the characters puts it, “It all feels quite incredible.” The planning of the murders to be as close to the rhyme as possible is brilliant. While it eliminates an element of surprise, it does keep the pages turning. The reader wants to know how the next murder will happen, and who that victim will be. It is really quite engaging a read. The characters of the ten “soldiers” are well sketched, and the common link as well was well thought of. Only in the epilogue do we find out what had transpired, and how the pieces fall into place. Perhaps it is because I’m an avid reader of the author’s works, I had an idea as to the identity of the murderer. But even I doubted that idea until the very end.

Without a doubt, I feel that this is Agatha Christie’s best novel. This book will remain a favorite, and I will re-read it too.

A Score Of 10 Out Of 10
Book Details
Title: And Then There Were None
Author(s): Agatha Christie Genre: Crime Fiction
ISBN/ASIN: 9780007282319 Publisher: Harper Collins

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20th March 2017)



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