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Book Review: The Tales of Beedle the Bard, by JK Rowling

The Harry Potter series is perhaps my favorite fantasy series ever and one of my favorite series ever, across any genre. When I had acquired the box set of the books, I came to know of three accompanying books too, that formed The Hogwarts Library collection. Without further ado, I bought those three too. I had read Quidditch through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them earlier. This book completes the set.

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Book Review: A New Leaf for Lyle, by Holly Jahangiri

Children’s fiction is a beautiful genre. I love it because it has to be written in a simple language, one that the child has to understand. The simple presentation adds to the magic, and more often than not, I imagine myself reading the story to a child. The themes don’t necessarily have to be convoluted either. It was very recently that I came to know of this book, and thought I’d read it.

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Book Review: Journeys, edited by Angelee Deodhar

Haibun (literally, haikai writings) is a prosimetric form of writing. The verse of this form is haiku. I have always believed that any reviewer should read the book as a reader first, and not as a reviewer. This book is different. As a student of haiku and haikai forms, as I read this book, it’s as a student first, then a reader and finally, a reviewer. Quite simply because the form that this book showcases, haibun, is one that I’ve attempted quite a few times, but have never been completely satisfied with the outcomes.

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Book Review: ABCs of Horror, by Anmol Rawat

I’ve read very few books in the genre of horror. But one aspect of the book that I feel makes a lot of difference is the ability of the author to get the reader to experience the scene, rather than just state it. That was what I was expecting when I took up Anmol’s collection of stories titled ABCs of Horror.

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