Book Review: Unlikely Tails, by Mani Padma

Short story collections are wonderful to read because there are different stories, different characters, different settings, all coming together in one book. It can also be read slowly, a couple of stories at a time, not really tempting to read the whole book because each story needn’t be related to each other.

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Book Review: The Blue Unicorn’s Journey to Osm, by Sybrina Durant

Children’s fiction, more often than not, promises warmth and happiness. That’s one of the reasons I love to read the genre. Some of the most beautiful books I have read come into that genre.

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Book Review: Avishi, by Saiswaroopa Iyer

I love reading stories from Indian mythology. The depth of that genre is such that there are so many stories yet to be heard or known. When I read the summary to this book, I was intrigued because I hadn’t heard of the character of Vishpala at all.

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Book Review: Ganesha’s Secret, by Devdutt Pattanaik

I love reading about Indian mythology. I’ve heard quite a lot from it from my grandparents while growing up. I admire Devdutt Pattanaik’s writing when it comes to that genre, so when I found this book on Kindle Unlimited, I borrowed it without a second thought.

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Book Review: Letters from Kargil, by Diksha Dwivedi

The past has many things we may wish to forget, but difficult to do so. And some just cannot be forgotten, because that part of history has not affected just one person. To read about those after a long time, triggers those memories.

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Book Review: Tit for Tat, by Archana Sarat

They say a well told story doesn’t have to be very long. So many writers love writing short stories. This book takes the stories a notch further. These are flash fiction. Would they still be “thrilling”? I’ve read the author’s work before, and knew the genre would definitely play to her strengths.

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