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Book Review: An Awfully BIG Adventure, by Aniesha Brahma

Sometimes, it’s nice to go read a children’s story. The worlds there are simple, intriguing, filled with mystery and yes, holding an adventure or two too. It’s just what is needed to break the monotony of reality. I’ve read Aniesha’s books before, and know her style. That, along with the cover art, pushed me to read this book.

The story follows Yoshita Ray, her journey as she goes from a lover of fairy tales to a non-believer after her mother and father go their separate ways. But when her father re-marries, Yoshita finds her step-brother Tanay to be like who she used to be, a true-believer of fairy tales. When a birthday wish takes them head first into an adventure, Tanay is excited. But all Yoshita wants to do is leave it. How well the step-siblings take this test in their stride?

I like the flow of the story. It moves from one scene to the other quite well, bringing in characters and adding to the story smoothly. These aren’t totally unknown characters either, and they take me back to my childhood. I loved the character sketch of Tanay, who reminds me of how innocent that childhood time is. Yoshita’s character was nice too, but she got on my nerve at times, with the extremely realistic, quite rigid attitude. While the shock of that past does reflect in that character, I felt there could have been a bit more flexibility. And the Queen as the villain of the piece was well executed. I was rooting for the stepsiblings to succeed against the intentions of the Queen. Another place the book could have been better was with the pace. The story rushes through toward the ending. I did like the ending, though I expected something to happen, but that didn’t. The bond between the two stepsiblings is nicely done as well. These last two aspects, I feel, might be more explored/reflected on in a sequel.

There is promise in the plot, but let down slightly at some places. Illustrations would have been apt for such a story, and made it a wonderful experience for children. Hoping that the author brings the sequel sooner rather than later…!

A Score Of 7 Out Of 10
Book Details
Title: An Awfully BIG Adventure
Author(s): Aniesha Brahma Genre: Fantasy/Children’s
ISBN/ASIN: B076QG52JK Publisher: N/a

No payment was taken for this review, which is part of a b00kr3vi3ws tour. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

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4th November 2017)



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