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Book Review: Temples in Maharashtra, by Lalitha Balasubramanian

I am not very fond of travelogues, but some do make for interesting reading. The author of this book, Lalitha Balasubramanian, had written a travelogue that featured some of the temples of Kerala. I liked reading that, and thus decided to pick up this book too, the author’s next offering. I loved the cover art too.

I’m not one who travels a lot, be it for personal or professional purposes. But books do let me travel into a world far different from my own. I think a pilgrimage to Maharashtra was on the cards, and through this book, I could manage to do that to an extent. The author states in the blurb that the book is information-driven with an intent to be helpful to those who are religious and would want to visit these beautiful temples. And the book does live up to that statement.

The book is divided into different parts… temples of Mumbai are given together, temples of Nashik together etc. That eases the effort for the reader, and also aids the traveler when they are in Maharashtra and going from city to city. Details about each temple are given too, like temple timings, special festivals celebrated at the temple (and when they are celebrated), points that will help the reader further, some photographs of the temple. There’s even a bit of the each temple’s history, and what devotees of some temples believe.

I don’t know if the book covers all the temples of the state, but the research behind the book certainly feels exhaustive. Like the earlier book, I love that the author’s language is simple, giving out the needed information. The cover art of the earlier book was one that I wasn’t quite happy with. This cover art was quite lovely. It showed a sea of spirituality that quite symbolizes the festivals in many temples across the country.

I’m sure this book will appeal to, and be useful to many people. I hope that it does. It’s one I shall read once in a while, and recommend to anyone who is looking for a travel guide for a Maharashtra pilgrimage.

A Score Of 9 Out Of 10
Book Details
Title: Temples in Maharashtra: A Travel Guide
Author(s): Lalitha Balasubramanian Genre: Travelogue
ISBN/ASIN: 9781947697874 Publisher: Notion Press

No payment was taken for this review. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

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25th December 2017)



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