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Book Review: Nothing Lasts Forever, by Sidney Sheldon

Reading the prologue, one wonders if this novel is a mystery, a thriller or a courtroom drama. The defendant in the case is Dr. Paige Taylor, accused of killing a patient to gain a lot of money. The prosecution wants her to get the death sentence. The only person who seems to believe in Paige’s innocence is her fiance. Will the defence attorney be able to give the jury reasonable doubt and prove Paige’s innocence? Or is she really guilty?

The story leading up to that case is what this book Nothing Lasts Forever is really about. It brings to light the story of Paige and two other doctors, Kat Hunter and Honey Taft. They have a past they are trying to move on from, and they also have to battle the present in which they are women in a field that seems to be dominated by men. There’s a battle against discrimination, against time, and against the overwhelming pressure they have to face each day.

I felt this book was a very good read. This is the first time I’m reading Sidney Sheldon, and loved the way the author has paced the story. He merges the past of the three characters very nicely into the present, bringing at times strength to overcome the past, or having to face the consequences of their past actions, or even try to keep their past from crumbling the present. The obstacles in their way feel real, and they don’t always get the support they need. I liked the character of the senior cardiologist too, and the book does also bring the politics behind the management to light. How the doctors react to these politics also adds to their character sketch. The narration is very engaging, and I could complete the book in one sitting. Perhaps the one thing I’m disappointed with is the epilogue, where brevity felt out of place.

I’d definitely re-read the book, and looking forward to reading more of Sheldon’s books.

A Score Of 9 Out Of 10
Book Details
Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
Author(s): Sidney Sheldon Genre: Crime Fiction
ISBN/ASIN: 9788172234850 Publisher: Harper Collins

No payment was taken for this review. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

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7th February 2018)



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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Nothing Lasts Forever, by Sidney Sheldon

  1. This is your first book of SS? I must have read the whole lot, though not this one. But your review brings to mind how I used to feel reading his books.

  2. Hey Vinay! I loved your review of this book, and I went ahead and read the book myself. The tale of Paige, Kat and Honey as things take a turn for the worse, and they find themselves in horrific situations and have to fight tooth and nail to get out of it, is a heart-wrenching one. The writing style of the book was remarkable and kept me hooked throughout, it was so compelling that I wrote an entire review about it ! Do check it out on: Thank you !

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