Book Review: My Name is Alex, by Jean Spraker

The power of the written word is such that it draws attention. The words accepted by some, ignored by some and at times, protested against by some. But we do forget that it is knowledge, useful to few people. Yes, words can incite extreme reactions, but to burn books is to burn knowledge, and that would definitely be cause for alarm.

My Name is Alex looks at a world where knowledge is being destroyed as the consequences of a war, but the one of the guardians of that knowledge tries to save it. When books are being burned, she tries to save as many volumes as she can, hiding them carefully from the world’s eyes.

If the world wakes up to such a time (I’m hoping it isn’t already, though it is relevant), it will be sad. But the story doesn’t end that way. By putting the question to the readers, “If you were Alex, which books would you save from the incinerator?” the author does voice a point that everyone who loves books can save some too. I feel that’s a very good point, and leaves the reader with some food for thought.

It’s a short read, so the obvious flipside is that it finishes very quickly. I liked the character of Alex, and was hoping to know more about her. I’m hoping the author will expand it into a novella, or a novel. It would be interesting to read.

A Score Of 7 Out Of 10
Book Details
Title: My Name is Alex
Author(s): Jean Spraker Genre: Fiction
ISBN/ASIN: B079WSZYPY Publisher:  

No payment was taken for this review. The views expressed here are mine, and they remain uninfluenced and unbiased.

(© Vinay Leo R. @ A Bookworm’s Musing
23rd February 2018)



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