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Book Review: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

It’s challenging enough to write a thriller from the perspective of a normal person, but to write it from the viewpoint of a woman diagnosed with agoraphobia is another level. There’s restrictions based on the fear, and society as we know it doesn’t always accept such a fear as normal, and by extension, the person as well, so that character involved in a crime brings other aspects into the picture.

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn was a pleasure to read. It engaged me from the start, and kept me hooked till the end. For Dr Fox, the character with the phobia, the world begins (and in a way ends) at her window. She observes it through her camera. She cannot leave her house, but she does have some help, few visitors. Till the crime happens, nothing seems to be out of place in that neighborhood either. But when she witnesses something, will she be able to do something about it? And will people believe what she witnessed?

The author uses the phobia and some effects of that phobia to good effect. There’s another aspect to the character too, one that I cannot say without it becoming a spoiler. But that aspect I could understand even before the reveal. I guess I read a lot of thrillers. The predictability didn’t take away anything from the book though. At a point, I think the book might be at an end, but then again the author adds another twist. And I couldn’t guess the ending. It made perfect sense. And I LOVED it!

It’s not just the thrill that makes this book a must-read for me. It’s the character too. I’m going to reread this for sure. And I hope to meet the author and get this book signed.

Vinay Leo R.
©A Bookworm’s Musing
January 2019.

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