Books A-C

~ Titles beginning with A ~

  1. A Hundred Lives for You. Author: Abhisar Sharma.
  2. A to Z of Blogging. Author: Chicky Kadambari.
  3. Aavarana – The Veil. Author: S L Bhyrappa.
  4. ABCs of Horror. Author: Anmol Rawat.
  5. Activist and the Capitalist, The. Author: Vibha Batra.
  6. Adhuri Prem Kahaniya. Author: Santosh Avvannavar.
  7. Adventure of the Missing Girl, The. Author: Roy Segal.
  8. Aerogrammes. Author: Tania James.
  9. Affair, The. Author: Lee Child.
  10. Age of Hiblisk. Author: Sumukh Naik.
  11. Aisle Be Damned. Author: Rishi Piparaiya.
  12. Akbar and Birbal – Tales of Humor.
    Author: Monisha Mukundan.
  13. Alchemist, The. Author: Paulo Coelho.
  14. Alex. Author: Pierre Lemaitre.
  15. Alex Cross, Run. Author: James Patterson.
  16. Alexander Secret, The. Author: Christopher Doyle.
  17. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Author: Lewis Carroll.
  18. All of Me. Author: Jonali Karmakar.
  19. All Signs Lead Back to You. Author: Aniesha Brahma.
  20. Almond Tree, The. Author: Michelle Corasanti.
  21. Alycat and The Monday Blues. Author: Alysson Foti Bourque.
  22. Among the Stars. Author: Dhasa Sathyan.
  23. Amreekandesi. Author: Atulya Mahajan.
  24. And the Mountains Echoed. Author: Khaled Hosseini.
  25. And Then There Were None. Author: Agatha Christie.
  26. Anti-Social Network. Author: Piyush Jha.
  27. Appearance of the Krito. Author: Swarnim.
  28. Arcane Rhapsodies. Author: Navya Jain.
  29. Area 7. Author: Matthew Reilly.
  30. Arithmetic of Breasts, The. Author: Rochelle Potkar.
  31. Arjuna. Author: Anuja Chandramouli.
  32. Arty Facts. Author: Ankita Kapoor.
  33. Avatari, The. Author: Raghu Srinivasan.

~ Titles beginning with B ~

  1. Bankster, The. Author: Ravi Subramanian.
  2. Banquet on the Dead. Author: Sharath Komarraju.
  3. Baramulla Bomber. Author: Clark Prasad.
  4. Bat, The. Author: Jo Nesbø.
  5. Baumgartner’s Bombay. Author: Anita Desai.
  6. Beautiful Country: Stories from Another India.
    Authors: Gunjan Veda and Syeda Hameed.
  7. Because I am a Girl. Compiled by: Plan India.
  8. Because Life is a Gift. Author: Disha.
  9. Been There Bungled That. Author: Paddy Rangappa.
  10. Believe. Author: Varun Gwalani.
  11. Beneath the Fall. Author: Aaron Safronoff.
  12. Beneath the Surface. Author: Sherry Duggal.
  13. Bestseller She Wrote, The. Author: Ravi Subramanian.
  14. Birds of Prey. Author: Archana Sarat.
  15. Black Coffee.
    Author: Agatha Christie; Novelization: Charles Osborne.
  16. Boats on Land. Author: Janice Pariat.
  17. Breach. Author: Amrita Chowdhury.
  18. Bridges of Madison County, The. Author: Robert James Waller.

~ Titles beginning with C ~

  1. Cabbing All The Way. Author: Jatin Kuberkar.
  2. Calamitous Chinese Killing, A. Author: Shamini Flint.
  3. Caretaker of Imagination, The. Author: ZR Southcombe.
  4. Carry on, Jeeves. Author: P G Wodehouse.
  5. Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken, The. Author: Tarquin Hall.
  6. Chained: Can You Escape Fate?. Author: Mehek Bassi.
  7. Chanakya’s New Manifesto. Author: Pavan K Varma.
  8. Chokher Bali. Author: Rabindranath Tagore.
  9. Christmas Carol, A. Author: Charles Dickens.
  10. Chronicler of the Undead. Author: Mainak Dhar.
  11. Classic Tales from Mystic India. Author: Kamla Kapur.
  12. Cleansweep Conspiracy, The. Author: Chuck Waldron.
  13. Cockroaches. Author: Jo Nesbo.
  14. Common Man Watches Cricket, The. Author: RK Laxman.
  15. Compass Box Killer. Author: Piyush Jha.
  16. Complete/Convenient. Author: Ketan Bhagat.
  17. Conspiracy at Meru, The. Author: Shatrujeet Nath.
  18. Crazy Algorithm of Love, The. Author: Rajrupa Gupta.
  19. Crossover, The. Author: Sunil Sandeep.
  20. Curse of Brahma, The. Author: Jagmohan Bhanver.
  21. Curse of Mohenjo Daro, The. Author: Maha Khan Phillips.
  22. Curse of the Kalingan, The. Author: Shobha Nihalani.
  23. Curse of the Red Soil. Author: Durgesh Shastri.