Books T-V

~ Titles beginning with T ~

  1. Tale for the Time Being, A. Author: Ruth Ozeki.
  2. Tale of Peter Rabbit, The. Author: Beatrix Potter.
  3. Tales of Beedle the Bard, The. Author: JK Rowling.
  4. Tantra. Author: Adi.
  5. Taste of Sea Breeze, The. Authors: Mumbai INhaiku Group.
  6. Tea for two and a piece of cake. Author: Preeti Shenoy.
  7. Techie@Heart. Author: Karthik S.
  8. Tell a Thousand Lies. Author: Rasana Atreya.
  9. Ten Shades of Life. Editor: Nethra.
  10. The Temple is not My Father. Author: Rasana Atreya.
  11. This Time It’s Forever. Author: Aditi Bose.
  12. Thousand Unspoken Words, A. Author: Paulami Duttagupta.
  13. Three Spaces. Author: Heather Grace Stewart.
  14. Through the Looking Glass. Author: Lewis Carroll.
  15. Time’s Lost Atlas. Editor: Harsh Agarwal.
  16. Time Keeper, The. Author: Mitch Albom.
  17. Time Machine, The. Author: H G Wells.
  18. Time to Kill, A. Author: John Grisham.
  19. Tit for Tat. Author: Archana Sarat.
  20. Transactions of Belonging. Author: Jaya Padmanabhan.
  21. Traveling Light. Author: Vickie Johnstone.
  22. Truly Madly Deeply. Author: Faraaz Kazi.
  23. Tuesdays with Morrie. Author: Mitch Albom.
  24. Turning Back Time. Author: Shravya Gunipudi.
  25. Turning Points. Author: APJ Abdul Kalam.
  26. Turquoise Silence. Author: Sanober Khan.
  27. Tusk That Did the Damage, The.
    Author: Tania James.
  28. Two Brothers. Author: Ben Elton.
  29. Two Fates. Author: Judy Balan.
  30. Two Graves. Author: Zoe Kalo.
  31. Two Magicians. Author: Satyajit Ray.

~ Titles beginning with U ~

  1. Uff Ye Emotions (Anthology). Editor: Vinit K Bansal.
  2. Uff Ye Emotions 2 (Anthology). Editor: Vinit K Bansal.
  3. Unaccustomed Earth. Author: Jhumpa Lahiri.
  4. Under Delhi. Author: Sorabh Pant.
  5. Unlikely Tails. Author: Unlikely Tails.
  6. Unsettled. Author: Neelima Vinod.
  7. Untruly Yours. Author: Smita Shetty.
  8. Urban Shots – Yuva. Editor: Lipi Mehta.

~ Titles beginning with V ~

  1. Very Good Lives. Author: J K Rowling.
  2. Vision of Angels, A. Author: Timothy Smith.
  3. Visitor, The. Author: Lee Child.