First Reads 2018

First Reads 2018 is a challenge hosted by Debdatta over at Bookish Indulgences. As the challenge announcement says, “Do you remember the feeling when you read the first book by your favourite author? Yes well, its for that feeling that I have come up with this challenge. Also, there was a time when I would only stick to the books written by authors I had previously read and enjoyed. But soon I realised that I was missing out on a lot other books. So, readers & bloggers, come together to this challenge that will make you pick up books by authors that you haven’t read before! You never know, you just might find another author to love and follow.”

So basically, the challenge for me is to read & review as many books as possible, by authors that I haven’t read before. There are four levels of reading that she has put. I’ve decided to start off simple and choose the Amateur level, which means I’ll be trying to read 1 to 25 authors I haven’t read before.