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Book Review: The Symbol, by Varun Gautam

Sometimes I’m surprised by how different a story is from the first impression that the cover gives. And surprised in a pleasant way. This book, which gave an impression of a sci-fi novel but turned out to be anything but, is one such.

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Book Review: Shimmering Chimes, by Maaya Dev

Reviewing a collection of poems is not an easy task. Many poets request not to edit poetry because what they write comes from their heart, and the language of the heart doesn’t usually have grammar or even rhythm, it just comes. And, more than any other genre, the poem is completed only by how the reader understands it. Be it beauty or depth, the interpretation of poetry is, in the end, different to each person who reads it. Maaya Dev’s collection of sixty poems is no exception to that, for some poems even read differently when I read them again. To choose a few favorites from that many poems is not that easy for me. But I shall try.

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Book Review: Arcane Rhapsodies, by Navya Jain

Poetry is a genre not every reader veers toward. They find it difficult to understand, perhaps, or don’t see the story in it. For a poet though, a poem is about telling a story, and one that speaks to their heart. This book is a bit of both, for with Arcane Rhapsodies, the poet Navya Jain brings stories from mythology to life in verse. And some that were new to me, the mythology genre lover. The cover art itself is quite beautiful, and the only thing I wished was that the title and poet’s name was more prominent. Continue reading “Book Review: Arcane Rhapsodies, by Navya Jain”