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Book Review: A Treasury of Tales from the Kathasaritasagara, by Jayashree Bhat

As a child, I loved hearing stories that my grandmother used to narrate. It’s one thing that led me to reading. And she had plenty of stories to narrate too. This book was gifted by a friend, and seeing the cover, I thought it would have the familiarity of those old stories for sure.

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Book Review: Magpie Murders, by Anthony Horowitz

When I’ve read and enjoyed an author’s work, I don’t usually hesitate to go for their new books. Anthony Horowitz has written two Sherlock Holmes based novels that I’ve loved and rank among my favorite reads. I read this title and the blurb, and I knew this would be one that I’d find interesting. I got this as a gift for my birthday too.

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Book Review: Patang, by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay

Though Indian Writing in English seems to veer toward one genre more often than not, there are authors who quite rightly stay away from that and write what they enjoy writing. Indian mythology, or mythology-based fantasy fiction is one, and crime fiction is another. Crime fiction has only few names that I have truly enjoyed reading when it comes to IWE. Having grown up on a steady diet of books in that genre, it seems that most plots feel predictable. As a crime fiction reader, I usually look for some aspects of the book to wow me. Suffice to say, this book Patang by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay managed to tick the boxes.

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Book Review: You’ve Got The Wrong Girl, by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

An author makes an impression with their first book, or the first book a reader reads from them. And it creates an expectation from the second book that is read from that author. I read Sita’s Curse, Sreemoyee’s earlier novel, and was quite impressed with that one. It is for that reason that I chose to take this book for reading.

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Book Review: The Girl in the Spider’s Web, by David Lagercrantz

When a series is continued by a different author, there’s bound to be comparison to the original, especially if the series is a popular one. I had only heard of Stieg Larsson and the Millenium Series but not read it. In a way, I suppose that is an advantage for me as well. I could read this book by David Lagercrantz, the continuation of that series, without knowing the style and character sketches that Stieg Larsson had done; almost like a standalone novel than part of a well-known series. The title of the novel itself drew me in. Continue reading “Book Review: The Girl in the Spider’s Web, by David Lagercrantz”