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Book Review: Journeys, edited by Angelee Deodhar

Haibun (literally, haikai writings) is a prosimetric form of writing. The verse of this form is haiku. I have always believed that any reviewer should read the book as a reader first, and not as a reviewer. This book is different. As a student of haiku and haikai forms, as I read this book, it’s as a student first, then a reader and finally, a reviewer. Quite simply because the form that this book showcases, haibun, is one that I’ve attempted quite a few times, but have never been completely satisfied with the outcomes.

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Book Review: The Taste of Sea Breeze (An Anthology)

I find poetry to be most thought provoking. At times, it’s quite simple. What the poet puts is what he wants us to read. At other times, it’s quite deep. It has a way of expressing a lot in brevity. Over the years, my knowledge of poetic forms and their rules has evolved.

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