Book Review: Around The World in Eighty Days, by Jules Verne

I think most people love to travel, and have a wishlist of places to visit. One way is to travel is through books. For one with imagination, it can be quite satisfying too, even if the experience isn’t the same. I had heard of Jules Verne’s Extraordinary Voyages collection, but hadn’t read any. This was my first Verne book.

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Book Review: My Name is Alex, by Jean Spraker

The power of the written word is such that it draws attention. The words accepted by some, ignored by some and at times, protested against by some. But we do forget that it is knowledge, useful to few people. Yes, words can incite extreme reactions, but to burn books is to burn knowledge, and that would definitely be cause for alarm.

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Book Review: Strangers on a Train, by Patricia Highsmith

There are some books which you hear about so often that it finds a place in the corner of your mind, and when opportunity knocks, you decide to read it almost automatically. This book, a psychological thriller by Patricia Highsmith, is one such read.

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Book Review: No Room at the Inn, by Jeffrey Archer

There are these 10-minute reads that are becoming popular on Kindle these days. I find them perfect when I need to read something to refocus before a longer read. I was happy to see Jeffrey Archer among the authors of such 10-minute reads.

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Book Review: Krishna’s Secret, by Devdutt Pattanaik

Devdutt Pattanaik’s writing is always interesting. His views on Indian mythology are interesting, and have loved quite a few of his books. This one is a short read, a part of a bigger book that I hope to read sometime in 2018.

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