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Book Review: One Part Woman, by Perumal Murugan

Society has its own ideas of what each person’s life should be like. If the life doesn’t conform to those notions, then it makes that life seem more difficult than it may be. This was perhaps more true a few decades ago, but I don’t think it has become irrelevant yet even in the current day.

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Book Review: Pyre, by Perumal Murugan

Love is something that is beautiful, and something that doesn’t get impeded by any boundaries. Yet society has its own rules of caste, creed, religion that it imposes on love without any consideration. Any breaking of these rules is considered a crime, and unacceptable. Not very often do I think twice before taking a novel to read, but with this one, I had to. Not just because the blurb indicated such a story of love against society imposed traditional boundaries, but because of the title of the story which was very ominous as to where the story was headed.

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